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Our Burlesque entertainment can either be performed in a traditional manner, or we can provide a modern, commercial era of Burlesque.

The traditional concept is inspired by Baz Luhrmanns ‘Moulin Rouge’. This show includes an elegant montage of Parisian performers, dancers and singers, who take the audience on a mysterious journey. The scene is set in the parlour, where the ladies are caught lounging and the Madam, with her buxom voice, launches into an ensemble of song. Shortly after, our stunning dancers positioned in the parlour of chase lounges begin to perform a fabulous song and dance routine.

Burlesque-Beauty Burlesque-Beauty Burlesque-Beauty

 Perhaps you may like the modern era of Burlesque as your entertainment. This includes 5 of our professional performers, in a spectacular, high energy floorshow based around the movie ‘Burlesque’. Opening the show with the famous song, originally performed by Christina Aguilera, ‘Express’, the girls utilise our authentic cabaret chairs, lounges, feathered fans and sassy moves to entertain guests at your event.

Burlesque-Beauty Burlesque Beauty Burlesque-Beauty

As an addition to either options, you may choose, to have one of our elegant champagne hosts either positioned in our “Giant Champagne Glass”, or delicately hanging from the ceiling serving champagne. Perhaps, one of your sponsor’s champagnes can be served to your guests.

We can customise the night to be everything Burlesque, depending on your requirements.


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