Carnaby Street
Carnaby Street, one of London’s most famous shopping precincts, is known to host the world’s highest fashion and lifestyle retailers. Historically, this street became popular with the Mods and Rockers, due to the excitement of underground music bars. We bring this exciting lifestyle of the 60’s to your choice of venue.
Carnaby Street

To open, we begin with a high-energy medley of some of the greatest Beatles hits. Guests are brought directly into the zone, listening to the famous sounds of “Can’t buy me love, Help, Yellow Submarine, All you need is love and more”, while our screaming fans arrive in a classic double decker bus.

Carnaby Carnaby Carnaby

As the night progresses, sounds of the Vespa’s and Triumph’s fill the room. Immediately your guests are drawn to witness the rumble between the Mods and Rockers as they clash on Carnaby Street. That fabulous era of all things COOL engulfs the room with Psychedelic fever as the singer and her dancers create a frenzy. This dynamic and energetic night of entertainment is based around the conflict between the mods and rockers. Classic music, old school choreography, vibrant costumes… left guests in a standing ovation!

Carnaby Street Carnaby


Fashion Parade Option

An entertaining parade highlighting the colourful and detailed fashion of the 60’s for both men and women.  

You will experience a diverse range of vintage apparel and accessories covering the very relaxed casual look right through to the glamorous evening wear.

You will tap your feet to some great classic songs and be wowed by the finale which features a female singer leading the parade with "Step Inside Love" originally sung by the one and only Cilla Black.

This is an era that is definitely worth bringing back and enjoying for one more time!

Carnaby Fashion Parade Fashion Parade Carnaby

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