le cirque
ROLL UP, ROLL UP! Join our comical and twisted ringmaster as he leads the band of circus tricksters on a jolly journey of vibrant and colourful entertainment. Guests arrive into a totally transformed venue capturing the intensity and excitement a circus arena brings. During pre-dinner drinks, guests are invited to interact with our roving entertainment and our quirky talent will be sure to make everyone feel a part of the circus. Guests become seated as the magical experience begins with a giant toy music box that comes to life.

Le-Cirque Le-Cirque

As the ringmaster becomes more curious, it provokes the opening of the toy box and a wondrous array of characters explode onto the stage. Your guests will experience a vocal and dance performance that will leave them wanting more.

Le-Cirque Le-Cirque Le Cirque

Here are a few options for you to consider:

Possible inclusions:

Talent: Fire breathers, Contortionists, Jugglers, Stilt walkers, Acrobats, Magicians and Clowns

Trapeze artist/Silk artists suspended form the ceiling will wow you with aerial tricks, and beautiful displays of their strength whilst our cabaret singer accompanies them on the stage to fill the room with a dramatic vocal performance.

Cheeky Burlesque Act For a splash of fun, take a different twist on the circus theme. This act has been developed to include partner work from our professional dancers, an elegant singer, burlesque dancers and a sailor who performs a twisted yet G rated tongue in cheek tease routine, utilising hula hoops, tricks and some very quirky moves.

Le Cirque Le Cirque Le-Cirque

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