You are invited to experience the glamour, the elegance, the delights of the French court at La Masquerade.

Set in the opulent Parisian, “Palace de Versailles”, masked courtiers are being greeted by King Louis XIV to celebrate and enjoy the rich delights of his Masquerade ball. The alluring sounds of Madam deBlue enchants guests as they begin to move in search of a partner for dance. The scene is interrupted by the dastardly Casanova’s arrival and subsequent coercion of Madam dePompadour.

On the arrival of the queen, the festivities reach a crescendo and guests are unmasked to the elegant harmony of “MASQUERADE”.

10 performers mingle on the stage as a solo female vocalist sets the scene with a 3 minute breath taking operatic song. The spell is broken on the entrance of the male singer, who lifts the pace with the thrill of his outstanding voice. As the queen enters, the cast comes together in the final of song and dance, in true Masquerade style.


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