tea party
The story begins of course with Alice, who has inadvertently plunged into the wondrous world of Wonderland and the adventure begins…
Tea Party

As guests arrive at the venue, they enter into the magical world of wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Doo, the Wicked Queen and the mischievous Cards set the scene for what is to come in the opening floor show.

Tea Party Tea Party Tea Party

As the scene is set and the show beings, Alice comes upon the Hatters “Tea Party”. Upon her arrival, the large cast of characters perform ‘Welcome to the Tea Party’ utilising quirky props, colourful costumes, vibrant stage sets and more. Whilst having a WOW of a time eating cake and consuming copious amounts of tea, Alice discovers that the Hatter seems to flatly refuse to join in the festivities. But why…you ask? “The Queen of Hearts stole the Hatters Hat, he was so distraught that he had never danced since”.

Alice takes on the crusade to return the “Hat” to its rightful owner in the second floor show, which of course ends with the Hatter and all in Wonderland dancing up a storm. One might say a “storm in a tea cup” …literally.


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